There comes a point in every person’s live when they decide to take a step, from which there’s no going back – to get a pet. When you decide to buy a dog and you start browsing thousands of websites and reading a lot about different breeds. By night, you dream about those sweet little eyes, craving to become a part of your family. Finally, after all the tours around dog kennels (which can take forever) and countless meetings with breeders, you proudly take a (not necessarily) small furry ball back home, which is a dream come true. But let me tell you a little secret. Having a dog is nothing like what you see on TV commercials. You won’t really be fond of your pet once they start destroying your favorite slippers, your cables around the house or when they wake you up in the middle of the night. But of course, you will forget all that when it cuddles next to you. And this is what makes animals stand out, they can give you one thing most people cannot – unconditional love. This makes them your responsibility. Your dog will be standing next to you when you’re moving into a new home. It can cost you a lot of energy and sudden expenses. That’s why getting a dog isn’t a step every person can take. After all, your dog deserves nothing less than what it already gives you – care and love.

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In the first place a major obstacle of having a dog is where to get it from. The only way to be sure your pet won’t have some sort of hereditary diseases is to buy it from a licensed kennel. A lot of people think of it as an unnecessary financial burden, but that is not the case. In the modern day, thanks to the internet, we can buy everything online, without getting out of our homes – from clothes, to house interior, even to pets.

Choosing a dog is not a place for compromise!

The best choice for you is to get a dog from a kennel that meets all standards and regulations by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). They apply to all official breeding clubs and guarantee the origin and good health of your soon-to-be family member. When you pick a dog from such a kennel, you can be certain of the following:

  • Your dog originates from a purebred family and is raised in accordance to all requirements. Its pedigree and passport will be the proof. The passport should have the parents’ certificates applied, along with their health check-ups. They are all official documents for your pet. A certificate for its pedigree will help you avoid incest, and the problems from it, in the future.
  • A dog with pedigree can take part in international exhibitions and dog shows. It can win prizes and create pure brood. Otherwise, a mixed-breed dog won’t be able to have healthy descendants due to a higher risk of diseases.
  • Before breeding, dogs go under a thorough check-up for elbow and hip dysplasia, as well as an ophthalmologic examination, depending on the in-house rules of the different kennel clubs. This minimizes the odds of hereditary diseases to continue spreading.
  • The battle against hereditary diseases and faults is a crucial part of international regulations, which means your dog will have an extremely small chance of carrying faulty genes. The kennels clubs have the obligation to record newfound hereditary defects, constantly monitor them, and minimize the risk of them spreading in the future generations. They can report to the BRFC (Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology) and file for consultations and expertise by the Commission for Breeding and Research.
  • Buying a dog from a licensed kennel means that the Animal protection law is applied. You should never buy dogs raised in cages or at unofficial kennels. It is our responsibility as citizens to stop animal abuse. Animals are not a commodity. They should be raised free.
  • Feeding and raising dogs should be executed in such a way that is suitable for their breed. Breeding dogs and puppies should be raised just well (at least) in a licensed kennel. Prerequisite for that are letting them move around freely and with proper humane care.
  • Breeding kennels must have mentally healthy purebred dogs only, according to breeding regulations.

Everything mentioned till now raises the expenses for taking care of a dog. It makes puppies from licensed kennels cost more than those from other places. So are you still convinced that giving more money to buy a dog from such a kennel isn’t worth it?