There are a lot of famous people (some of them famous for merely being famous). When it comes to animals, however, things are a bit different. An animal may become famous only if they do something extraordinary. Here we will reveal some of the bravest and heroic deeds of 2 extraordinary representatives of the Samoyed family.


Rex the Blizzard King

This is by far the most famous samoyed dog. With his over 30 mountain rescues, he is a real super hero! His early life, however, was not too promising. When he was born, his owners were not very fond of him as he was not an appropriate candidate for a champion breeding program. With his tall body, short fur and thin legs, he was almost an embarrassment (compared to his siblings). But, time passed by, and Rex proved that a few appearance differences cannot prevent a fine dog from being extraordinary. He was excellent in so many ways that they soon referred to him as the “new standard” for the breed.

Rex was not a big dog, but he had a brave heart, a sharp mind and enviable speed. During his life he had a lot of achievements – he set a world record in weight pulling, he was a part of a film (partnering John Wayne), he won innumerous sled races… But, his legendary fame comes mainly from his various participations in snow rescue operations – we can only imagine the power of love all rescued people’s families keep in their hearts for this exceptional dog.



RJ – the lion-hearted samoyed dog

Some people would say that RJ was just a regular family dog. Well, sometimes even the most ordinary pet can become a hero. It is in your heart what makes the difference.

RJ was a family dog peacefully living with his owners in Kansas. On July 22, 2012 his owner, 40-year old Trish Beach, was gardening (as usual), not having a clue what fate had prepared for her. As she was in her backyard, suddenly she heard a puma scream. Her brave samoyed, RJ, heard the scream and rushed to his owner’s rescue. He engaged the puma in a battle and the outcome was RJ owner’s rescue paid by the samoyed’s death. RJ gave his owner the greatest gift ever – her life in exchange of his.

There are surely many other brave dogs as RJ who defend their owners and are ready to give their life for them as this is their purpose – to serve in the best possible way. When it comes to the relationship between a human and his dog, it is always unconventional love that takes over everything else. There are not many people who would start a fight with a beast a lot larger than them (even if it is a family member that is in danger).

We can only admire these brave dogs and be happy that there are such dogs you can completely rely on. For a dog is not only your best friend – it may as well become your saver.