After various social media trends, this year’s latest is to watch how people pour themselves with a bucket full of cold water. On the video at the end of this article, Petar Dyaksov – the owner of the “Thracian Glory” Samoyed kennel, took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. However, he didn’t do it just for fun or to gain social media attention, but in order to promote a good cause.

The Ice Bucket Challenge (a.k.a. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) is a charity campaign for the people, suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The main goal is to raise awareness about this rare disease and to encourage donations, which will help further research and finding an appropriate treatment for the ill.

The origins of this challenge are not very clear, from where it all started, but in the middle of 2014 the initiative received overnight popularity via social media, where the participants of the Ice Bucket Challenge published videos of pouring cold water on themselves. That way they help the cause gain more attention, and in order for the challenge to proceed they have to nominate others to do the same in the next 24 hours. This craze has been perceived as cool and trendy all summer long. Some people may pour ice water just to collect ‘Facebook likes’, but others take part in the charity campaign out of genuine goodness in their hearts.

The “Thracian Glory” Samoyed kennel also participated in a similar Ice Bucket Challenge, aimed at raising money for abandoned animals, by donating 50 euros to Animal Rescue Sofia. This is a Bulgarian organization which helps street cats and dogs by treating their injuries and finding them new families. The animal shelter is funded exclusively by donations. Thracian Glory wants to call on all of you who can help our animal friends. The money collected through the campaign will ensure a better lives for them and will definitely make a lot of families happier by offering them an adoptee. We hope that you will follow our example and make the world a better place. Because being a good person requires a little desire and only a minute of your time, and not a bucket of cold water.



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Here is how your donation can help:

5 €

2 dogs in Bogrov shelter are fed for a week

10 €

2 poly-vaccines guard a puppy from infection

15 €

All monthly needs of a veteran in our Nursery

20 €

One female cat neutered, tens of kittens saved

30 €

One big female dog neutered, tens of puppies save

40 €

Two puppies with infectious diseases saved

50 €

1 injured dog gets an orthopedic surgery.