Samoyeds are great dogs that can make your life much happier, so here we will give you ten reasons why you should get a Samoyed:

  1. They are very attached to people – if you need a true friend, Samoyed is the breed for you. These extremely friendly and social dogs will be happy only if you show them as much love as they show you. Don’t expect a Samoyed to live happily on his/her own – you have to be willing to spend a lot of time with your Samoyed as they really need human company. Include them in all family activities and they will be happier than ever.
  2. They are very active dogs – if you are an active person, get a Samoyed. They just love action. This may be explained by their history (they were used for herding, pulling sleds, and hunting). They are a working breed, so they require daily exercise (one hour a day at least is as good for their health and good spirit as it is for you).
  3. They get along with children and pets – Samoyeds are fantastic companions for children (provided that you teach both the child and the Samoyed to respect one another). Their gentle nature will be a blessing for you if you are planning to get a dog, but you have small children or other pets.
  4. samoyed-thracian-glory-picture-12They are fun! If you want to actually have fun with your dog, Samoyed is the breed for you. Their lively temperament is what will get you out of your boredom. They are goofy and playful, but, be careful – they are also very smart, so, at some point, you may turn out to be the one that’s been fooled around.
  5. They are great watch dogs – even though they are not guard dogs and they are not aggressive to other people, you can count on their barking whenever a stranger approaches your door. They will basically alert you whenever something is out there – a person, a stray cat, another dog, etc.
  6. They are highly intelligent dogs – they learn what you expect from them very quickly. This also makes them independent thinkers, so you have to show them clear leadership and use positive reinforcement when training them.
  7. They are very adaptable – whether you live in a small apartment or on a big farm, your Samoyed will easily adapt to the circumstances. However, make sure they receive their regular exercise and have something to occupy their time when you are not at home.
  8. They love cold weather – this distinctive feature comes from their origin in Siberia. If you are a snow-lover who is keen on skiing, hiking in the mountains, and having fun in the snow, the Samoyed will be your best companion in these activities!
  9. They are good-natured – don’t expect a Samoyed to do real damage if a stranger breaks in your house, because Samoyeds are very good-natured dogs. They will get along well with other people as well. If you don’t want a dog that everybody’s scared of, get a Samoyed and all your friends and family will enjoy his good nature!
  10. They are so CUTESamoyeds are the cutest thing ever – they look like white fluffy bears that need a hug! There’s no person that can resist their cute appearance!

We hope we have given you enough reasons to get one of these incredible dogs – the Samoyeds. However, keep in mind that each individual dog has its own personality, so be careful when choosing your next white fluffy bowl!